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P Teresa Sue Adams
Born: Oct1 1955 -

Charles (Chuck) Davis

Children:     Born     Died
Jackie Vatali      -     
Jason Adams
Marcus William Adams
Roger Woodrow Adams
Victoria Adams
Wanda Jane Adams
Charity Blankenship
David Blankenship
Leandrea Blankenship
Roger Blankenship
Donna Hinton
Janet Hinton
Rhonda Hinton
Rosemary Hinton
Susan Hinton
Cathy Ann Leibe
James Edward Leibe
John W. Leibe
Lucinda Kay Leibe
Richard Green Leibe
Jim Linton
Mona Jean Linton
Fred Riggs
Michelle Riggs
Misty Riggs
Dorothy Marie Adams
Janice Adams
Jay Adams
Leander Adams
Linda Adams
Norma Jean Adams
Ruby Mae Adams


Teresa Sue Adams

Father: Roger William Adams
b: Aug 30, 1934 | d:
Mother: Gloria Maxine Grubb
b: 7/30/35 | d: 12/15/2017
GrandFather: Green Adams
b: Feb 19 1904 | d: Apr 12,1982
Grand Mother: Rosa (Lulu Pauline) Large
b: 1913 | d: 1978
G GrandFather: Robert Leander Adams
b: Jul 10 1878 | d: Dec 31,1956
G Grand Mother: Sarah Evans
b: Jul 20 1882 | d: Jun 12th 1931
GG GrandFather: Oliver Perry Adams
b: May 18 1854 | d: Nov 17th 1923
GG Grand Mother: Mary Jane Adams
b: Oct 8 1856 | d: Feb 1932
GGG GrandFather: John W. Adams
b: 1819 | d: aft 1880
GGG Grand Mother: Catherine (Kitty) Large
b: 1820 | d: 1904
GGGG GrandFather: Arthur Adams
b: 1789 | d: abt 1861
GGGG Grand Mother: Margaret Francis (Peggy) Horne
b: 1793 | d: aft 1870

Charles (Chuck) Davis

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Grand Mother:
b: | d:
G GrandFather:
b: | d:
G Grand Mother:
b: | d:
GG GrandFather:
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GG Grand Mother:
b: | d:
GGG GrandFather:
b: | d:
GGG Grand Mother:
b: | d:
GGGG GrandFather:
b: | d:
GGGG Grand Mother:
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