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P Greenville Adams
Born: 1851 -

Children:     Born     Died
Amelia Milla Adams
Caroline Adams
infant Adams
James F. Adams
John Jr. Adams
Martha Adams
Nancy J. Adams
Oliver Perry Adams
Sarah Ann Adams
Sylvester Adams
William P. Adams
Addie Adams
Arthur Adams Jr.
Asbury Adams
Charles Adams
Covey Adams
Crittenden John Adams
Elizabeth Adams
Elizabeth F. Adams
Ellen Adams
Felix A. Adams
Frances Fanny Adams
Frances Adams
Francis Adams
George W. Adams
George Adams
George M. Adams
Hezekiah Doc Adams
Isaac Adams
James Adams
Jamima Alice Adams
Jefferson E. Adams
John P. Adams
John M. Adams
Labin Theodore Adams
Leander C Adams
Leander C. Adams
Louisa J. Adams
Mahala (Sis) Adams
Manerva Adams
Marietta Adams
Marinda Adams
Martha Lou Adams
Martha Ellen Adams
Martin P. Adams
Mary Jane Adams
Mary Jane Adams
Mary Lou Adams
Millard J. Adams
Montville Adams
Nancy Victoria Adams
Pamelia Adams
Perry Greenville Adams
Romain Adams
Samantha Adams
Sarah E. Adams
Sarah Emily Adams
Shade Adams
Susan Adams
Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams
Victory Adams
William M. Adams
William H. Adams
William Adams
Aaron Berry
Alfred J. Berry
Arthur Berry
Elizabeth Berry
John L. Berry
Martin Van Buren Berry
Sarah Elizabeth Berry
Sidney J. Berry
William Oliver Butler Berry
Easter Chaffin
John Chaffin
William Chaffin
Alexander Kitchen
Arthur Kitchen
David Kitchen
Frances Kitchen
George M. Kitchen
James Kitchen
John William Kitchen
Joseph Kitchen
Lear Kitchen
Mary Kitchen
Sarah Nash Kitchen
William A. Kitchen
Roosevelt Reed
Thomas Reed
Deresa Adams
Elizabeth Betsey Adams
Isaac Adams
James Adams
Jane (Jincy) Adams
Martha (Patsy) Adams
Martin P. Adams
Mary Adams
Perry Commandore Adams
William Adams


Greenville Adams

Father: John W. Adams
b: 1819 | d: aft 1880
Mother: Catherine (Kitty) Large
b: 1820 | d: 1904
GrandFather: Arthur Adams
b: 1789 | d: abt 1861
Grand Mother: Margaret Francis (Peggy) Horne
b: 1793 | d: aft 1870
G GrandFather:
b: | d:
G Grand Mother:
b: | d:
GG GrandFather:
b: | d:
GG Grand Mother:
b: | d:
GGG GrandFather:
b: | d:
GGG Grand Mother:
b: | d:
GGGG GrandFather:
b: | d:
GGGG Grand Mother:
b: | d:
* President: Millard Fillmore
* Great Flood of 1851: extensive flooding across the Midwestern United States. The town of Des Moines is virtually washed away, and many rainfall records hold for 160 years.