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P Andy Adams
Born: 1838 -
Remarks: Listed in Lawrence Co. KY 1850 census

Children:     Born     Died
John Adams
Lucinda Adams
Mary Adams
Sarah Adams
Wiliam Adams


Andy Adams

Father: Constantine Adams
b: 1800 | d:
Mother: Frances Adams
b: 1810 | d:
b: | d:
Grand Mother:
b: | d:
G GrandFather:
b: | d:
G Grand Mother:
b: | d:
GG GrandFather:
b: | d:
GG Grand Mother:
b: | d:
GGG GrandFather:
b: | d:
GGG Grand Mother:
b: | d:
GGGG GrandFather:
b: | d:
GGGG Grand Mother:
b: | d:
* President: Martin Van Buren
* Trail of Tears; in the United States, thousands of eastern Native Americans are forced to move west, many dying on the way